5-10 Miles / Casual Walk / Southwest Missouri

Galloway Creek Greenway Trail – Springfield, MO

Last weekend, David, Japhy, and I got out to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather shining over the Ozarks. We both wanted to get in a couple of miles with an afternoon walk so we decided to hit up a section of the Greenways Trail that traverses Springfield, MO. Out of convenience, we settled on the section closest to home by walking south from Sequiota Park toward James River. (Find it on this Google Map.)



The trail forays through the forest, under highways, past creeks, and through a pet cemetery. Starting south from the park, the trail leads through the very quaint Galloway Village. This portion is quite sunny so don’t forget your sunscreen! The trail then winds its way past a residential neighborhood, past cemeteries, and under Highway 60. Finally, the trail meanders through a forested area before reaching the James River, which is where the James River Greenway Trail and the James River Water Trail’s begin.








IMG_9136 IMG_9137

The path is flat and paved so it’s easy to navigate. Although the sights along the trail are varied, I prefer trails further from roads and highways so I’m not sure if this particular section of trail will be added to my Springfield trails repertoire. Even if I didn’t necessarily enjoy the sight, I certainly appreciated the amount of exercise that I got. A roundtrip on the southern half of the trail is about 5.5 miles. We were only out for 1.5 hours making this an excellent walk for a sunny afternoon. The trail is also perfect for biking, roller skating, skateboarding, and running. We saw people using all kinds of transportation to zoom around on the trail.



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